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Weekly Intuitive Tarot Reading 6/21/2020

by Reeta on Jun 21, 2020

Weekly Intuitive Tarot Reading 6/21/2020
Yesterday marked the first day of summer with the Solstice & things really seem to be heating up, no?
The cards too seem to want to light a fire & shake us up!
So, the cards for this week's Tarot reading are: 
5 of Pentacles, 3 of Pentacles, The Tower
And the message that's coming through is:
YOU are the creator of your reality. Don't forget that!
Intuitive Summary:
This week the cards are dishing out some kick in the behind tough love; no beating about the bush.
The invitation is to quit messing around & realize how powerful you really are!
Start with asking yourself these questions: 
  • What does my ideal life look like?
  • What's holding me back from living this life?
Then, get really honest with yourself and..
Notice if there's tendency to hold responsible the external - a family member, partner, boss, economy (or whatever) for your situation?
Sometimes, it feels SO right, almost seductive, to point a finger at others..doesn't it?
Even if you're pointing the finger at yourself - what aspect of yourself are you giving away your power to?
I'm too old
Too young
Too tired
Not good enough
Not enough time
Don't have the right skill set
(Heck I might be guilty of quite a few of the above!)
If you tell the universe (consciously or subconsciously), you don't have enough time or you're not good enough..
Guess what?
You won't have enough time.
You won't be good enough.
As the frequency on our planet increases, our beliefs will manifest quicker & quicker.
So, no more excuses!
No matter how legit these "reasons" might seem, you..yes YOU..are way bigger than any obstacle.
Your physical reality might be limiting..
But remember..
You are an energetic being!
And once you shift your energy..
Change your inner world..
The physical will have no choice but to catch up.
YOU are the creator of your reality.
It's time to own that.
The universe will not let you settle for anything less.
Ask the Tarot: Who or what am I giving away my power to? How can I take it back?
As always, take what resonates with you & most certainly add in your in your thoughts & insights!
Till next time..
Wishing you a wonderful week!
Blessed Be
xxReeta : )
Deck Used: Radiant Rider-Waite (Smith)
Disclaimer: Tarot readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.

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