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Weekly Intuitive Tarot Reading 12 July - 19 July 2020

by Reeta on Jul 18, 2020

Weekly Intuitive Tarot Reading 12 July - 19 July 2020

The cards for this week's Tarot reading are:
8 of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, Queen of Swords
And the message that's coming through is:
Keep going, you're making wonderful progress!
Intuitive Summary:
Even if things seem to be moving slow, know that changes are brewing under the surface. So, keep doing what you've been doing!

 Keep believing in your dreams.

 Keep honing your skills.

 Keep chipping away at those limiting beliefs.

 The universe wants to give you your heart's deepest desires. But even more than that..

The universe wants to see you grow into the person who's a match for all your dreams. And you, my friend, are growing in every which way..



Skill set.

You're balancing inner work with taking action.

It's time to recognize that and give yourself a pat on the back and...

Keep moving forward!

Ask the Tarot: In what area am I making amazing progress?

As always, take what resonates with you & most certainly add in your in your thoughts & insights!

Till next time..
Wishing you a wonderful week.
Blessed Be
xxReeta : )

Deck Used: Radiant Rider-Waite (Smith)
Disclaimer: Tarot & Oracle card readings are for entertainment purposes only. Also, do note that links may be affiliate links. I occasionally promote things for a commission, but only things I believe in wholeheartedly & think you'd like, too!

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