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Weekly Intuitive Tarot Reading (5 July -12 July 2020)

by Reeta on Jul 18, 2020

Weekly Intuitive Tarot Reading (5 July -12 July 2020)

The cards for this week's Tarot reading are:

9 of Wands, 10 of Pentacles, Strength

And the message that's coming through is:

You're an alchemist. Believe it.

Intuitive Summary:

Did you notice the 10 of Pentacles has popped up again & that too in the same position as last week?

Is the 10 of Pentacles lovingly stalking us? Lol I guess we'll have to wait and see :)


This week, the cards are here to tell us that The next few days might bring to the surface past hurts, repeating patterns or emotional blockages..

Especially those concerning our childhood, immediate family or even ancestors.

And we might feel a tad overwhelmed because we're doing so much inner work and yet..

Progress seems to be so darn slow!

To the point that we might even start to feel disillusioned. And while it's natural to feel this way, in such times, it will behoove us to remember that perhaps on a soul level, we chose...

The abandonment.

The rejection.

The neglect.

The criticism.

All of it!


So that we could bring presence & healing to all of these feelings.

So that we could alchemize even the deepest hurt into love.

Now, this might sound really meta & lofty, but this work is not easy. And maybe that's exactly why YOU signed up for it?

You're not here to do easy.

You're here to transmute all that doesn't serve you (& the greater good) into pure gold.

That's alchemy!

And you, my friend, are a true alchemist.

Believe it.

Ask the Tarot: What past memories am I ready to heal right now?

As always, take what resonates with you & most certainly add in your in your thoughts & insights!
Till next time..

Blessed Be
xxReeta : )

Deck Used: Radiant Rider-Waite (Smith)

Disclaimer: Tarot readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.

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