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Weekly Intuitive Tarot Reading (Week of July 26 2020)

by Reeta on Jul 26, 2020

Weekly Intuitive Tarot Reading (Week of July 26 2020)

Tarot Reading (Week of July 26 2020)

The cards for this week's Tarot reading are:

6 of Cups, 10 of Pentacles, 9 of Wands
And the message that's coming through is:

Let that shizz go!

Oh hey...check out how the 9 of Wands is looking at the 6 of Cups & 10 of Pentacles!

Errr...grumpy much? Maybe even a bit resentful? Maybe even a bit bitterAnd perhaps for good reason.

Let's face it, we've all been bitten in the past.

But this week the cards indicate that the energies are ripe for letting go of past hurts, letting go of petty excuses. So that there's more room for fun, laughter & levity!

Is there an old friend you've been wanting to talk to? Or a family member you've wanted to connect with? Or maybe you've been wanting to heal a part of yourself (your inner child?)

Well, believe it or not (& like it or not)...your peeps are pining to hear from you!  And whatever might've happened in the past or however unwanted you feel, now would be a good time to let go of..

Resentments. Excuses. Overthinking. All of it.

And just do it already!

Ask the Tarot: Who or what am I ready to re-connect with?

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