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Weekly Tarot Reading 19 July - 26 July 2020

by Reeta on Jul 19, 2020

Weekly Tarot Reading 19 July - 26 July 2020

Weekly Intuitive Tarot Reading 19 July 2020

The cards for this week's Tarot reading are:

3 of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles, The Devil

And the message that's coming through is:

New level, new devil!

You've done a shit ton of work & now it's time to kick back & celebrate your wins! 

Good stuff's coming your way. And know what? You deserve every bit of it. The universe may well have some sweet surprises in store for you that appear from left field.

But nothing in the universe is random, although sometimes it might feel that way. It's just that manifestations don't always take the shape & form we thought they would!

So embrace all the good that comes your way - expected & unexpected. And don't fall into the trap of trivializing your progress.

And if you do find yourself feeling skeptical, know that perhaps its just the devil rearing its mischievous head trying to put a damper on your party!


Don't fight it, look at it straight in the eyes with SO much love, so much light (& a little bit of f*ck you) 

Show them whose boss.


Remember, the devil can show up under the garb of:

  • Not giving yourself enough credit
  • Not realizing how far you've come
  • Trivializing your victories
  • Old beliefs about not being good enough
  • Not deserving success or good things
  • Procrastination

But once you are able to recognize these patterns, you can take back your power & keep moving forward.

Ask the Tarot: How can I transition to the next level with more ease, grace & joy?

As always, take what resonates with you & most certainly add in your in your thoughts & insights!

Till next time..

Wishing you a wonderful week
Stay safe.
Blessed Be
xxReeta : )


Deck Used: Radiant Rider-Waite (Smith)
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